Women’s Equity Lab (WEL) Atlantic fuels innovation with investments in three women-led businesses in just six months and more to come.

St. John’s, September 14th, 2023 – In just six short months since its inception, the WEL Atlantic angel fund has already made investments in three promising women-led businesses within the Atlantic provinces.

Founded with a mission to address the chronic and systemic underrepresentation of women in early stage investing, WEL has created opportunities for both new and experienced women investors. The WEL Atlantic Canadian Investment Group, which serves as a beacon of progress in this region, aligns with this vision and expects that a more diverse group of investors will lead to more diverse investment decisions. Additionally, by investing in women-led companies in the Atlantic provinces, the fund seeks to stimulate economic growth, promote gender diversity in leadership positions, and bridge the funding gap that has long hindered women in business. 

The Atlantic Canadian Investment Group’s recent investments in Hollo Medical (NS), Aurea (NS) and Uresta (NB) have garnered substantial attention, showcasing its commitment to fostering innovation and supporting female founders in the region. These investments reflect the fund’s dedication to creating a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Atlantic provinces.

“There was no shortage of quality companies that applied for funding. As a new fund, we are incredibly proud of the swift and impactful investments we were able to make in a short amount of time,” said Kathryn Lockhart, one of the Managing Partners. “These initial successes are a testament to the talent that exists within the Atlantic provinces, and we know there are many more incredible investment opportunities in Eastern Canada.”

Looking ahead, WEL Atlantic is poised to increase its impact in the region. The fund is gearing up to invest the remaining funds throughout the fall season and has exciting plans to launch a second fund in early 2024, which will provide even more opportunities for women entrepreneurs and investors in the region.

WEL Atlantic Investment Group’s first fund brought together close to 40 remarkable women investors who are passionate about driving positive change in the business world. Their dedication and expertise have played a pivotal role in the success of the fund and its investments. The organization is currently inviting more women to join this dynamic group of investors for fund 2 and be a part of the movement to support and elevate women entrepreneurs.

“We want to help build the next generation of women investors. We have a great mix of both experienced and new investors in fund 1 and have created many opportunities for everyone to learn and participate” said Andrea King, Managing Partner of WEL Atlantic. “By joining WEL Atlantic, you not only become a part of a powerful network but also contribute to the growth and success of women-led businesses in Atlantic Canada.”

For more information about WEL and how to get involved, please visit or contact Andrea King at

About Women’s Equity Lab (WEL):
The Women’s Equity Lab (WEL) investing model was created to address the chronic and systemic underrepresentation of women in early stage investing. By reducing the barriers to entry that have typically kept women out – gender bias, lack of previous investing experience, capital needed to get involved – our Learning On InvestmentTM (LOI) approach is designed to facilitate entry into this investment class. Launched in 2017, WEL now has a growing and powerful community of 350+ women investors and 35+ investments across Canada and in Silicon Valley. Our mission of “more female investor representation now, equal representation someday” continues. 

About WEL Atlantic:
With a focus on investing in women-led businesses in the Atlantic provinces, the organization aims to bridge the funding gap, promote gender diversity in leadership, and drive economic growth in the region. They are also committed to building up a network of local women investors. The Managing Partners are Lauren Ledwell, Laurie MacKeigan, Kathryn Lockhart, and Andrea King.

WEL Atlantic’s Investments:
Hollo Medical
Hollo Medical was founded to reduce the burden of chronic respiratory diseases. Ninety percent of inhaler users do not receive the medication they need, and current solutions (chambers/spacers) are so bulky, that as little as ten percent use one! Hollo’s Bre-Z Chamber™ replaces cumbersome spacers with a device that can deliver more medication while fitting comfortably in a pocket.

Uresta is a women’s health company with a game-changing solution for stress urinary incontinence (SUI). SUI is described as bladder leaks when a woman coughs, laughs, sneezes, or jumps and impacts 1 in 3 women. Uresta improves the quality of life of women with bladder leakage because it stops the leaks from happening vs. absorbing like a pad. Uresta is also reusable and available over the counter without a prescription. Uresta has been clinically proven to be safe and effective through multiple clinical studies and is cleared by Health Canada and the FDA.

Aurea Technologies
Aurea Technologies is a female-founded, cleantech startup that develops and manufactures portable renewable energy systems. The Shine Turbine (, an ultra-portable wind turbine for charging handheld electronics, is their first consumer product. They are also developing the RISE Turbine (, a portable wind energy system for defense markets.