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Building on our established track record

There are not nearly enough female investors in early stage businesses.

About WEL Victoria

Victoria houses a vibrant and fast paced technology sector and WEL Victoria is well positioned to play a role and to capitalize on this emerging industry. WEL Victoria has invested in some of the city’s most promising ventures and sees increasing deal flow from across BC each year in operation. WEL Victoria works closely with local angels and incubators, accelerators and educational institutions in the region.

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Collective Investing & Experiential Learning

With its multi-year investment track record, WEL Victoria continues to add impressive women investors to its network. WEL consists of a mix of women – including business owners, retired executives, media, academia, scientists, entrepreneurs who have built (and sold) businesses, stay-at home-moms, partners in family businesses, realtors, politicians, board members on corporate and non-profit boards, legal and medical professionals, writers, artists, and others. Women range in age from their 20s into their 70s, and we all share an interest in getting capital working in startups and learning more about investing.

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No, this is an initiative where everyone in the group benefits and shares in the process equally which is what makes it educational and fun. There are no management fees. An admin fee covers operational items such as annual tax filings for the duration of the portfolio. To help sustain the organization, there is a small carry charge on profits after investors have been repaid their investment and admin fees. All participants profit equally.

Become an Investor

Learn by doing & build a portfolio at the same time

WEL Victoria provides a collaborative and fun environment for women to experiment with investing in early stage ventures with a small amount of risk capital. Here you’ll gain access to innovative companies, learn the ins and outs of investing, build your network of likeminded successful women, and create an investment portfolio of one or more companies. As a woman angel investor – you will be a leader and change-maker, inspiring other women to join the movement.

Apply for Funding

Get support from WEL Victoria

If your company is early stage and based in the Victoria area then WEL Victoria might be the right source for funding. Even though we might not take the entire round, our relationships and affiliations with high net worth individuals and other WEL chapters and angel groups across Canada can potentially help you raise further funding.