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We are empowered women investors

Kathryn Lockhart
MP, WEL Atlantic

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MP, WEL Atlantic

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MP, WEL Atlantic

Laurie MacKeigan
MP, WEL Atlantic

There are not nearly enough female investors in early stage businesses.

About WEL Atlantic

WEL Atlantic, an initiative of the Atlantic Women’s Venture Foundation, is the only pan-Atlantic angel fund investing across all four Atlantic provinces.

We are creating a platform to engage women as founders, investors and mentors. We have a two-fold agenda of nurturing women investors while empowering women founders to drive growth in the Atlantic Canadian startup ecosystem.

We focus on early-stage, innovative companies with a technology-enabled solution.

This initiative is positioned to enable economic stimulus in the Atlantic Canada region through gender-inclusive capital growth opportunities.

We follow an inclusive approach to gender investing: where this note references ‘women’, the intention is to include all women-identifying, non-binary and two-spirited peoples.

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Collective Investing & Experiential Learning

WEL Atlantic has created this community to provide an on-ramp to angel investing for mission-aligned individuals. Our diverse cohort of investors includes seasoned investors to those who are first time investors and have never before participated in the startup innovation ecosystem.

We help women entrepreneurs connect with people, organizations and investors.

The current Managing Partners are Kathryn Lockhart, Johanna Brown, Natasha Fletcher, and Laurie MacKeigan.

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Become an Investor

Learn by doing & build a portfolio at the same time

We’ve created this community to provide an on-ramp to angel investing for mission-aligned women. We offer you the opportunity to learn how to invest alongside other women and experienced investors. Get the chance to participate in investment decision meetings, learn about new industries, execution strategies, products and businesses while supporting small, ambitious women-led startups.

Apply for Funding

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We are an angel fund seeking to support women building innovative and disruptive technology companies in diverse sectors. We invest in early-stage, innovative companies with a technology-enabled solution and primarily based in Atlantic Canada. If you would like to join our founder community, we invite you to submit your personal and business information. Tell us about your idea and the problem you are solving. This is the first step in discovering if we can work together.